Monday, January 3, 2011

Yay Me!!

I have the most adorable three year old niece, Kayleigh. And as most little kids do, she is pretty vocal about what she is feeling. Whether she is cranky and tantrum prone or squealing with delight, she lets you know what is going on in her world. One of the cutest things she does is celebrate her accomplishments with a gleeful “YAY ME!!” (And please note, that is “yay me, not yay you” as Kayleigh will point out if you try to steal her thunder with your own yay.)

I may be biased, but I happen to think Kayleigh is brilliant.

Why is it that as we grow up we stop celebrating our little accomplishments? Sure, a raise, a birthday, a marriage, or a childbirth are loudly celebrated. But why do we have to stop having our "yay me" moments when we have a good hair day? Or when we find a good bargain on those hot shoes we have been eying? Or when we do a mile on our exercise bike?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am adding a little bit of "yay me" into my life! I think we all deserve a little self indulged pep talk every once in a while. (And if you feel you need to reward yourself with a "m&m&m" then go for it!)

(My charming little niece, Kayleigh, who makes me smile every day.)


Brown-eyed Girl said...

You are absolutly adults, we do not 'yay me' enough when something goes well in our day/week/life.

There is that poem thingy 'Everything I learned...I learned in kindergarden' and it's true. We need to embrace our inner children everynow and then, and celebrate a moment, as opposed to only celebrating an occassion.

Liz said...

So very true! We all deserve to 'yay me' more than just for the big stuff.

Kayleigh said a lil "yay me" at seeing her pic on your blog just now btw. So yay you for making her all giggly :)

Anonymous said...

You said this so well, Michelle! There's something to be said for being a kid now and then when you're an adult. I'm an aunt, too (two nephews ages 7 and 5) and definitely enjoy getting silly with them and hearing the cute stuff they say. Thanks for sharing about Kayleigh!

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