Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Wednesday!

I think I need a candle intervention. Just saying. I have so many candles in my room and I have this really bad habit of not wanting to burn them so I don’t use them all up. And as I say this, I’m perusing the list of new candle scents at Bath & Body Works and knowing I am so going to buy me some.

And I need a coffee mug intervention as well while we are at it. Just glancing around my room I have:

Wizard of Oz mug
General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2010 mug
Snoopy mug
M initial mug
Farmer’s Daughter Hotel mug
Two snowmen mugs

(And none of them are being used, they are just sitting there for decoration more or less. Haha!)

They listed the top 5 home made desserts on the radio this morning. The prize was $250 if you guessed correctly. Unfortunately the show is in NY and I hear it on the delay or I would have called in. I knew immediately.

1 – Cookies (I was specific in chocolate chip cookies)
2 – Cake
3 – Brownies
4 – Cupcakes
5 – Pie
(Now aren’t you craving cookies???)


Last year I decided I wanted to do the 101 things in 1001 days project, but then misplaced my list. So I decided to start it back up. So don't be wondering what is up when you see a blank post show up with 101 counted down on it. Some of them are a little private but as I achieve each of my 101 things I will be filling in and blogging about it. If you want an awesome challenge, you should go sign up and do it as well! :)



Tickets are on sale February 5th and I will be getting my geek on in July in San Diego. Sorry, I get a little excited over that. Haha!!!!

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Brown-eyed Girl said...

Are we really going? Really? Are we? Not to be Debbie-Doom....but I can't muster the joy in Comic Con until I know our tix are secure.

Have you burnt your '' candle yet???

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