Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Monday!

(It's actually a good day, I just love this little face!)

The weekend went by way too fast. It seemed like the time from 3:45PM on Friday and 10:30PM on Sunday went by in a snap.

I did some book shopping (Barnes & Noble gift card was spent in a matter of minutes), went to Target (I had a few things I wanted to buy for myself but the responsible kitty owner had to take care of Tyson’s needs first with litter and cat food), went to the movies (see “Tron: Legacy” review below), had a rousing game of TINK with Rose (Lord of the Rings fans will get it), and finally finished season one of “True Blood”. I also started the de-cluttering project of mine.

Have you tried the Extra Dessert gum yet? I bought the key lime pie flavor this weekend. Delicious!! Like a burst of key lime pie in your mouth with only 5 calories of gum.

Let’s see, what’s on tap for this week over in Michelle’s World:

My brother, Mike, has a birthday on the 12th. I haven’t bought a present yet. No clue what to get him.

I need to go find a birthday present for my friend’s daughter. Tina said Abby wants either something with Hello Kitty (yay) or Justin Beiber (boo). She had asked me a while back for a diary so she could write her secrets. (She’s 8, you know the secrets are plentiful. Hehe!) I saw a Justin Bieber diary at Barnes & Noble that locks…perfect for her first diary. (And I bought a Hello Kitty card and will see if I can find some cute Hello Kitty paper to wrap it in.)

Abby’s birthday party is on Saturday at Castles-N-Coasters. It is a mini golf party. I’m ready to go get my birdie on.

“Green Hornet” and “The Dilemma” are out this weekend in the theaters so will be seeing both of those as well.

Plus…big bonus…Holiday Weekend!!!

What do you all have planned for this week?


Brown-eyed Girl said...

What holiday?

Michelle said...

Martin Luther King Day. I have never had a job before this one that considered it a holiday.
So yay for a day off, but BOO on the fact I don't get paid for it.

Anonymous said...

That gum sounds so good! I hadn't heard about it but am desperate to find something to substitute for all the sweets I eat.

Have fun at the miniature golf party - sounds like a fun break in winter!

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