About Me

I'm Michelle, your bloggess here at Just Jump!

What you will find here:
  • * All kinds of geekery. I'm a big fan of Star Wars, superheroes, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, etc. 
  • * My gorgeous kitty and his face full of attitude. 
  • * Book squee.  I'm a reader, always have been, always will be. 
  • * Travel talk.  I'm always thinking about the next travel destination and adventure.
  • * Girly girl chatter.  I love all the pretty! A lot.
  • * TV/Movie gossip.  I love to share my thoughts on the movies and TV shows that entertain my brain.
  • * Pictures of the cutest nieces and nephew you will ever see in your life.  They make me smile. A lot.
  • * Very little soapboxing.  I like to keep it fun and light-hearted around here.
  • * Mostly a positivity experience.  Sure I have issues and I have negativity.  This blog, however, is open for everyone (mostly family) and they didn't sign up to deal with my issues.  Those are for me to deal with.

What you will NOT find here:
  • *Twilight love.  Sorry, I find nothing appealing about that sparkly vampire or his whiny leading lady.  
  • * Same goes for that 50 Shades of Grey business.  I'm not a prude, but it is too silly for me to take seriously. 
  • * Politics. I don't feel that it is fair to shove my political views down your throat.  I support who I support. I respect your right to support who you want, I ask for the same courtesy.
  • *Religion.  Much like politics, I don't feel that you need my views posted all over.  I believe in what I believe.  No matter what religion you are, what God you believe in, good for you!  I don't care to discuss who is right or wrong.    
  • A lot of work chatter. I have a job, I love my job.  That is all I need to share about what I do. 

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