Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What up, Blog?

I am so neglectful of this little space sometimes.

And I was so happy to say “welcome fall” last week, but where is it at??? Arizona is still ridiculously hot, record highs going on. And poor CA is roasting!

It is almost time to start the big holiday rush that happens for the last three months of the year. Personally I love, love, love Halloween! I don’t need the candy but I love the decorations. The ghosts, the witches, the vampires, the mummies, etc… The pumpkins! Oh I can’t wait to decorate a pumpkin this year! I have a cute little pumpkin kit I bought that I just need to paint the pumpkin and attach the little things but I want to carve one as well.

What are you watching on TV for the fall season? I was so glad to see TV come back as the reruns were getting boring.I’m watching my three fave comedies, of course: “How I met your mother”, “Moder Family”, and “The Big Bang Theory”. And I have watched the first two episodes of “Mike and Molly”, which is pretty cute. Then picked up three new dramas: “Hawaii 5-0” (come on, Alex O’Laughlin is hot!), “Undercovers”, and “Blue Bloods” I missed “Glee” last week but will catch it tonight…and was on the phone during “Grey’s Anatomy” so will have to try to catch up with that as well. (And I really need to get a DVR one of these days!)

I’m still looking at relocation ideas. I would ultimately like to stay on the west coast but will consider any location, really.

Oh…and it is a month late, but welcome our new family member – Mister Bo! Isn’t he sweet! Don’t you want to just squeeze him!!!

Laundry Police!

Tyson was having a fit over the laundry basket the other day. I had clean clothes in there, hadn’t put them away yet. He was pacing and yowling, getting on his hind legs to look in the basket, then look at me. I finally moved my clothes and the boy happily hopped on in to the basket and curled up to sleep. Such a brat!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's my fave time of the year!!

Now if only Arizona would get with it and cool off! My scarves are ready to be bust out of the closet already!

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Roxanna, today! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football!?!?

I love my baseball and them Yankees, but I love the football as well! Season starts today!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always remember.

September 11, 2001...one of those dates that will always be a "where were you" moment in our lives. Nine years ago, we were rocked by a vicious attack of senseless violence. While you look back on the day and remember all the fear and sadness, also remember the intense love that you felt for your country, for your fellow man, and the compassion that was felt in communities as we tried to make sense of what had happened.

Take a moment out of your day to remember those that lost their lives that day, those that lost loved ones, and the emergency teams that responded to try to save lives. Say thank you to the brave men and women that have fought and will continue to fight to protect us and give us freedom. And be kind, show love and compassion, and remember that when all smoke clears the good outweighs the bad.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy shopper at the toy store

Or "I got assaulted and it was my mom's fault!"

Yesterday my mom asked if I wanted to go to Toys-R-Us with her. I love toy stores. I love looking at all the new things that kids get to play with…and hey, I may be an adult but nothing is better than the Barbie aisle. So we took the journey on over to the store, my mom pulled in to a parking spot and this woman comes whipping around the corner, obviously wanting the spot my mom just pulled in to. She gives a dirty look to my mom, speeds around and pulls in behind us. Whatever.

We are standing in the store looking at the Kung Fu Zhu Zhu pets when this woman comes in the store and she hits me with her cart. There was NO way it was on accident. She hit me with her cart and gave a look and walked by. So I said loudly “Excuse you, that was rude.” She just picks up a toy and looks at it. So I loudly tell my mom that this woman just hit me with her cart and she says how rude it was. No response. Okay, whatever, hope you feel better that you hit someone with a cart because you had to walk a couple extra feet to get into the store.

I’m wandering down the aisle with the Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake (Hate the new version), and Olivia the pig toys and here comes that woman. She bumps me as she pushes by me. At this point she is lucky that I didn’t clobber her with my purse or shove her cart into her. Instead I did the classy thing…oh yes, I did. I called her a B***h. Loudly. She looked at me, then whipped her head around to look at something on a shelf.

I get you wanted to park in the parking spot that we took…we were in the parking spot before you even turned the corner to park there. But come on, you parked directly behind us. It isn’t like it was the only spot in the parking lot. There were plenty of spots, all closer than where we parked. I understood you are also AZ Cardinals fans and that explains your sour personality, it ain’t my fault your team sucks. But she is lucky I didn’t get thrown out of the toy store for making her eat plastic food.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Change of scenery?

As 2010 creeps (speeds?) closer to the end, I have done a lot of thinking about where I am, physically. As in location. And it becomes more and more apparent that I am in a dead end situation professionally. I am only a temp at my job, granted it is a long term contract for numerous years, but regardless I am a temp. I do not have benefits, I do not have holiday/vacation/sick time, and I am not eligible for a raise. I have been looking for another job, but the main problem is they don’t want to pay anything. I can’t afford to drive across town for $8.25 an hour. I know that other states are in an economic slump as well, but I am beginning to get closer to the decision that it is time to uproot out of the Valley of the Sun.

My problem is I want to live everywhere. I want to see everything. If I could be a nomad I would. The more I start to research other states, the more I want to move THERE. But the problem is I want to move everywhere. Every state that I look at has something appealing. I am pretty simple and open to anywhere, though I am seriously a city girl at heart. I need stores. I need a quality movie theater. I need people. That is what makes me the happiest.

So, tell me about where you live? Sell the location to me! I need some ideas.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mon...Tuesdsay? The holiday has me messed up!

I keep thinking it is Monday. The work day was definitely of Monday caliber.

I know I have all the seasons on DVD plus the first movie, but I can't help but want this: HBO release of 6 seasons of "Sex and the City" plus movies 1 and 2. :) I think I deserve it!

Remember The Top 1000? Yeah, it left me a little annoyed. Here are the results for the Top 5 and where my picks ranked:

Billie Jean was #726

Don't stop believin' was #695

Celebration was #603

All you need is love was #559

Stayin' Alive was # 265

The Top 5 for them was:






The Beatles were not in the Top 100 and no songs from the 80's were in the Top 375. I say PFFFFFT to them.

And to end it....look at this sweet face!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Potpourri

September already? Ugh! This year is going by too fast for me. I have a lot to accomplish and now only have 4 months left to accomplish it in. Way to put the pressure on, 2010!

Did everyone celebrate 90210 Day yesterday? (get it? 09/02/10 (September 9th 2010) = 90210. haha!) I admit to watching some clips of the old school show. (I tried to get into the new version, it isn’t possible.) I loved the original cast. Loved Dylan, of course. And always thought that Brenda was cool. I like Shannen Doherty…she is just who she is. Did you know she has a book coming out? "Badass: Hard-Earned Guide to Living Life with Style and (the right) Attitude".

Speaking of books, I really hate when one of your fave author’s recommends a book and you buy it, only to find it sucks! Yes, "Cat in a Topaz Tango", I am talking about you! I bought this book and can’t get past the first 30 pages because it is just boring. Thus it is back to the drawing board, I need a book! Luckily Border’s 40% off coupon came in the email this morning so I can go find something new to read. I really need to find a reading group/book club near me to join.

The oldies station, KOOL, is doing a countdown of the top 1000 songs this weekend. They say it is the best oldies from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. STOP SAYING THE 80’S ARE OLDIES!! Oy! I mean I get they are, but stop it! That said, I am curious about #1. I am torn on who I think it should be. Including the 80’s opens up a whole new list of tunes to add in.

My choices for the Top 5, by the way:

5 – Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees. Biggest selling soundtrack and the lead in to the disco era music.

4 – Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Love him or hate him, the talent was undeniable.

3 – Celebration by Kool and the Gang. The ultimate party song to this day.

2 – Don’t stop believing by Journey. Kicks ass! It has to be performed with Steve Perry. None of this remake stuff works for me.

1 – All you need is love by The Beatles. Really any song by The Beatles could be here, but that is my ultimate fave song.

That was really hard for me to decide, by the way. There is so much that I love! I just knew what the top two, without fail, were to me. Guess we’ll find out on Monday what was #1.

And I also give you my #1 One Hit Wonder song:

Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Makes me wanna run out and get some denim overalls.

What does everyone have planned for Labor Day weekend?
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