Sunday, September 22, 2013

This happened...

Hello, you sweet grumpy little love bug!!
I want to take you home and hug you.
Even if you give off grump face!

Monday, September 2, 2013

On behalf of our four-legged friends

Meet Maxwell Purrington III
aka Stray Cat Max

Max is a sweet-faced stray cat that lives outside of my apartment building.  After observing him hanging out for a couple of weeks, looking all pathetic, I started to talk to him when I came home at night.  Then I started to leave him a bowl of water (and some little jerk in this complex keeps stealing the bowl. We are currently on bowl 4), then food.  And the ultimate of sap moves - I named him.
The saddest thing of all is Max is just one of MANY stray cats in my complex.  One night I count 14 (yes, that is FOURTEEN) cats hanging out by the dumpster by my building. I'm fairly certain Max's momma is the big black cat that lives two apartments down from me.  She is an outdoor cat and just had another litter of kittens, which the owners are trying to get rid of.

And this is where I get uptight about people and their pets. And yes, I'm about to get on my soapbox.  IF you are going to adopt/buy a pet, be prepared to take care of them for their entire life.  There are so many dogs in the shelters that are not ever given the chance of having a forever home. Instead they are left to being abused on the streets, put in a cage to see if someone will adopt them, and as a last resort, put down to make room for another round of dogs that someone didn't want anymore.  
Pets are a big commitment.  They cost a lot of money.  If you aren't prepared to deal with that responsibility, don't get a pet.  No matter how cute puppies and kittens are, they grow up.  And in the course of growing up, they learn to be proper members of your family. I get so upset seeing the cats in this complex that have just been thrown away because they are too much work.  It is not that cat that is the problem, it is ignorance in pet owning.

And if you are not going to have that cat as an indoor cat (which would be preferable) then spay/neuter!  It is the kind thing to do.  Poor Max is going to be visiting the vet as soon as I can gain enough trust to get him in a cat carrier and take him in. While I doubt he will ever be an indoor cat as he is all too happy roaming, he is not going to have the opportunity to father a bunch of kittens that no one wants.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I did a guest post!!

My fabulous friend and author, Meredith Schorr, in anticipation of her upcoming release of BLOGGER GIRL hosted a Celebration of Bloggers Tour.  I'm so honored that she asked me to participate and that I was included amongst some of the best bloggers out there today!

Come check out my confession!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Viva Las Vegas

I used to be a wrestling fangirl.
Yep, I really was. And one of the highlights was very October, I would head off to Las Vegas for the WCW's annual Halloween Havoc PPV.  It was in Vegas that I met the one who would become my best friend, Rose.  We met through a mutual "friend" who was truly the epitome of the term that we love - PSYCHO HOSE BEAST (PHB).  Vegas was always a good time and is one of my favorite cities to visit to this day.  Nothing beats the people watching in Sin City.

Ida, Tracy, Michelle
Las Vegas 1998

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: A Soapy Good Time

I used to love "General Hospital".  And one of the biggest parts of the fandom was every July in Studio City, CA there was the annual "General Hospital Fan Club Weekend" aka FCW.  And for numerous years I attended and enjoyed the silly fun that came from hanging out with your fellow fangirls and seeing all the actors from the show.

Over the years, I made some absolutely incredible friends and even became friends with a couple of actors on the show.  Those friendships continue to this day and I love these people and our history.  The show is a shadow of its former self now and the petty, ugly behavior that eats up fandom runs rampant, but for a while there it was a lot of fun.

So in honor of that...and that I am attending what will be my final soap opera event this Sunday (the 50th Anniversary Past Cast Event), I share one of my fondest memories - A lunch with the deliciously handsome Ted King and one of my most favorite vixens the show ever had, Cyndy Preston.

Ted King, me, and Cyndy Preston
Studio City, CA
July 2006

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get ya geek on!

I'm trying to get back in the blogging saddle! So starting with the simple posting of the Throwback Thursday picture!

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, the Mecca for geeks, I present my first trip to SDCC.  (And I am seriously sulking it up that I am NOT there this weekend.)

 This Star Wars fan was all about finding anything to do with the Force this first foray into SDCC's hallowed halls.  And I found fact, I found many of them that weekend.  And yes, I did hug every single one that I saw.  This was my first. Love this droid! He is always the droid that I am looking for!

I attended SDCC with two friends, Lisa and Mary.  Lisa bought these darling classic Winnie the Pooh hats...we had a mini photo shoot in the Sails Pavilion. This was the final day of the Con and Con hysteria had set in...we thought we were pretty hilarious by this point. (And there were many other pictures in the hotel lobby that proved we were a little crazed.)

Next year, I'm determined to get back out there and celebrate all things geek in San Diego!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still here.  And I promised myself that I would get back to posting, but have just felt so lazy about it.  Other than the book reviews that I am posting on my other blog, I rarely blog at all, either on here or on my private blog.  I am going to work on that for this new year as I like having the ability to go back and see what was happening in my life through the year.

Anyway,  as most of you know, I do not make resolutions.  Resolutions are made to be broken.  A resolution made on New Years sets you up for failure more often than not.  I have never kept a resolution for more than 2-3 months.  Instead, I choose a word to define my year.  An empowering word that will lead the way for what I want to do for the year.

I have thought about this word for a few days, throwing different words out there to see which one was going to stick with me.  I have used "adventure" a couple of times in the past and it just didn't feel right using it again.  I thought about "growth", but I think if you chose the right word that growth is something that will happen regardless.  Last year I used "live" and I think I used it very well, but it wasn't the word that could be recycled for 2013. I thought about "awe", "delight", "presence", "yes", and "selfish" as well. All of them packing a lot of meaning into little words.

I decided on a word that I think is powerful and inspiring.  It is a word that will encompass me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a word that I kept coming back to, which became clear is the word I needed to use.


Feel free to ask me through the year, if you so desire, how I am challenging myself.  Feel free as well to challenge me yourself with something.  I will do my best to meet your challenges, though I reserve the right to say no or to tweak it so it will fit my personality/ability.
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