Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What up, Blog?

I am so neglectful of this little space sometimes.

And I was so happy to say “welcome fall” last week, but where is it at??? Arizona is still ridiculously hot, record highs going on. And poor CA is roasting!

It is almost time to start the big holiday rush that happens for the last three months of the year. Personally I love, love, love Halloween! I don’t need the candy but I love the decorations. The ghosts, the witches, the vampires, the mummies, etc… The pumpkins! Oh I can’t wait to decorate a pumpkin this year! I have a cute little pumpkin kit I bought that I just need to paint the pumpkin and attach the little things but I want to carve one as well.

What are you watching on TV for the fall season? I was so glad to see TV come back as the reruns were getting boring.I’m watching my three fave comedies, of course: “How I met your mother”, “Moder Family”, and “The Big Bang Theory”. And I have watched the first two episodes of “Mike and Molly”, which is pretty cute. Then picked up three new dramas: “Hawaii 5-0” (come on, Alex O’Laughlin is hot!), “Undercovers”, and “Blue Bloods” I missed “Glee” last week but will catch it tonight…and was on the phone during “Grey’s Anatomy” so will have to try to catch up with that as well. (And I really need to get a DVR one of these days!)

I’m still looking at relocation ideas. I would ultimately like to stay on the west coast but will consider any location, really.

Oh…and it is a month late, but welcome our new family member – Mister Bo! Isn’t he sweet! Don’t you want to just squeeze him!!!

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