Saturday, January 1, 2011

Defining 2011

Every year I pick the word by which I want to define my year by. I tend to take a few days prior to January 1st to start mulling over different words and thinking about the meaning and what impact I want them to have.

Did I want to focus on "creativity" this year? Maybe "change" since that is honestly what I struggle with the most? How about "freedom" or "confidence"?

It came down to "spirit", "risk", "exploration", and "focus" for me. I have contemplated each word and decided that my word is going to be "exploration".

exploration - to travel for the purpose of discovery.

To travel for the purpose of discovery, I like that. It doesn't have to be physical traveling because exploring your mental and spiritual side is just as important as packing my suitcase and actually going somewhere to explore what I can see.

I have a lot of plans for this year and exploration is going to be the perfect word to define it by.

Some of my goals for 2011:

Working on a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace life, flaws and all.

Find a new job. That is a big necessity.

Take risks & challenges. Accept and adjust to change.

As cliche as it is - live, laugh, love.

With this in mind, I'm asking you - What is one thing you would like to see me do this year?

In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.
Ansel Adams


adventuripity said...
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Leslie said...

One thing I would like to see you do is....

Go to Yuma with me! :o)

That's all well and true, but to tie in with your goals, I'd like to see you find your glee and really embrace it. By that I mean, discard anything that stops you from embracing it. There, my friend, is where you'll find the most benefit and also the toughest time.

Anonymous said...

As I enjoy reading your blog, I hope to see you share some of your exploration experiences! Exploration is a great idea for 2011 and like you said there are so many ways to apply it. Also I understand about wanting to find a new job, that is a priority for me, too, especially in a new career path - maybe this will be our year to make a new start!

Michelle said...

Leslie - I would love to go to Yuma. :) Anytime! Finding my glee - definitely in the plans for this year, my sweet pal!

Elizabeth - I plan to blog more in depth this year so will be sharing more and more. Good luck with your job search. It is such a pain, but yes, a new career is needed!

Brown-eyed Girl said...

In the year 2011, I would like to see you:

Come visit me in New York

Go to Tombstne and spit on someone

Kidnap Colin Farrell and send himt o me. Ya know, him and I will both be 35 this year

Try new things

Michelle said...

Ro -

I do have plans to come visit you in NY.

I would *gladly* go to Tombstone and spit on someone for you. I would kick his ass for what he did.

Will work on the master plan for the kidnap Colin Farrell plan.

New, yes! I hope to have many new experiences. ;)

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