Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A trio of movie reviews

I have three of them for ya today!

The Green Hornet

Billionaire party boy Britt Reid inherits his father’s newspaper empire along with his personal assistant, Kato. Upon discovering Kato is a genius inventor, the two hatch a plan to bring the underworld to it’s knees by “pretending” to be on their side while playing super hero. Based on the TV show that starred Bruce Lee and Van Williams from the 60’s, this is an up-to-date thrill ride.

What worked:

Seth Rogen as Britt Reid. He brings the comedic aspect and was great as the bungling party boy turned super hero wanna-be.

Jay Chou as Kato. He was actually the best actor in the movie. From both his crazy inventions to his insecurities…he was the best character.

The vehicles! Black Beauty is a hot car. I want a car that has ejector seats and machine guns that pop out of the door. (Okay I would take any of the gorgeous sports and vintage cars that were housed in the garage.)

James Franco’s cameo as a drug dealer/club owner was hilarious.

Christopher Waltz as Chudnofsky, the villain. Old school mob trying to fit in the new gimmick laden world. He was hilarious and vile.

What didn’t work:

Seth Rogen. There is only so much Rogen you can take.

The length of the movie. I don’t know why it feels that 3D movies seem to be so long but there was a good 20-30 minutes of the movie that just seemed to not be necessary.


The Dilemma

What would you do if you found out that your best friend’s significant other was cheating on them? Would you tell or would you wait for them to find out on their own? Would it change the facts if you were about to go for the deal of a lifetime and your friend's complete attention and commitment was required? That is the problem posed to Ronny Valentine (Vince Vaughn). After spying his best friend, Nick's (Kevin James) wife (Winona Ryder) with another man, he has to make the hard decision of spilling the beans or staying quiet. His dilemma, of course, causes problems in his life and one misunderstanding after another piles up.

What I loved:

Vince Vaughn! Seriously, folks, here it is...I have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn and I will see him in any movie, no matter how horrible. I admit it, that is half the battle, right?

Channing Tatum as Zip, the lover. Channing is great eye candy and he is so dumb you have to laugh.

What I liked:

Winona Ryder as the cheating spouse, Geneva. She played ruthless so well and yet she makes you want to hug her and tell her it is okay.

Kevin James is charming, as always.

Queen Latifah is way over the top, but perfect as a sales rep trying to help the boys land a deal with Dodge Moters.

Jennifer Connelly's girlfriend to Ronny is sweet.

What bored me:
Again with the length. Just under 2 hours was too long.

Lagging plot. They introduce a few curve balls in the Nick/Geneva relationship that they just drop as the movie progresses.


Finally, the sneak peek preview we went to see last night:

No Strings Attached

Can you be friends with benefits without letting feelings get involved? That is part of the deal that is made between two friends, Emma and Adam, in the movie “No Strings Attached.” When Adam’s (Ashton Kutcher) dad hooks up with Adam’s ex-girlfriend, he loses control and ends up sleeping with his platonic-until-this-point friend, Emma (Natalie Portman). They discover this works for them – they can see each other whenever but they agree that when one starts to develop any stronger feelings to end it. The two stars of the movie make it work. Who knew that Natalie Portman could be funny, especially after her dark turn in “Black Swan”? But as Emma she is both endearing and hilarious. And Ashton Kutcher is so charming in his dimwitted character with a heart of gold. They have a terrific supporting cast that helps make it work and there is even an adorable Pomeranian named Freckles. (Come on, who doesn’t love a cute dog strategically inserted in a movie for the “aww” factor?) The movie is rated R for a reason. The language and sexual content isn’t for everyone, but overall I loved the movie. It opens on Friday and is worth a viewing.


kacee said...

hi michelle!

if you liked NO STRINGS, please check out the indie film that did this first. FRIENDS (WITH BENEFITS)
played the film festival circuit last year winning a bunch of awards along the way. FWBMOVIE dot com will give you more info but it is available to view for free on Fancast or Babelgum. please help support indie film and the folks who did this first. Thanks, Michelle!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Kacee. I didn't know it was out so I will definitely go check it out. :)

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