Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscar Time!

No, not Grouch. Even though I must say I have been identifying with him quite a lot lately. (Why yes, I have been a grouch!)

Tonight I’m off to see a movie that I guarantee will never come anywhere near being Oscar worthy, however, this morning the 2011 Oscar nominations were announced.

With the best picture category now at 10 pictures, I am sad to say that I have only seen four of the movies nominated. (“The Fighter”, “Inception”, “Black Swan”, and “Toy Story 3”) I want to get in the rest of the movies before the awards ceremony but I don’t know if that will happen. I have to say I am pulling for “The Fighter” to win, though I figure that “The Social Network” will take it.

And I really hope that Christian Bale wins Supporting Actor for his role in “The Fighter”. Truly if you haven’t seen this movie, go, go, go!! Amy Adams & Melissa Leo also snagged noms in the Supporting Actress category. It was truly in my top 3 movies of 2010. (One of my other favorites, “The Town”, did not get much love from the academy, but Jeremy Renner did get a Support Actor nom. It is deserved, for sure.)

I also want to see Natalie Portman win for her role in “Black Swan”. The movie is a roller coaster, so utterly depressing to see her fall apart with tragic results.

And, oh let’s face it, I want to see the fashion on the big day!

(And to update: Movie tonight was already booked and that is fine because I think I need to just accept the fact I have the flu.)


Brown-eyed Girl said...

So friend-o-mine...what was the flick you're going to see tonight? You never said which.

Mikey had gone and seen 'Black Swan' and was very 'confused' about it.

Michelle said...

I was going to see "The Mechanic" with yummy Jason Statham. It was sold out and I am sick sooooo I'm home.

"Black Swan" was a trip. You aren't sure what she imagined and what she didn't when she was going crazy.

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