Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Life

“Do not try to “do” happy. Simply choose to “be” happy, and everything you do will spring from that”
(From TheSecretDaily on Twitter)

While skimming over blogs this morning before leaving for work, I saw a post from a friend of mine that kind of sat on my mind for the longest time. It was a simple post with wishes for a happy birthday to a friend of hers and some idle chatter about some things that made her happy yesterday. I kept thinking about her post and about her previous posts as I was driving to work. It wasn’t that she was writing inspirational words of wisdom; it was that she was genuinely happy with her life. And she is in a situation that would be extremely stressful as she has lost her job and the current job search is a slow process. The difference is she doesn’t let *that* fact play into how she is living her life. She takes her mantra seriously.

“I'm a firm believer of having it & flaunting it. Of sharing & living. Of good friends & good times.”

It is a mindset that I really need to work on developing. We have the choice each morning when we wake up on how we are going to greet the day. Admittedly, it is usually met with a lot of grumbling out of me because I would love to catch a few extra zzzz’s. But instead of grumbling, I should tell myself good morning.

What it all comes down to is simply this: Love life. Not just your life, even though it is the one that you should love the most, but life in general. There is beauty, kindness, and love that surround you every single day.

Have it, flaunt it, love it, share it, live it.


Brown-eyed Girl said...

Start embracing this advice my friend. I know easier said than done. But let me tell you something. SInce I broke free of 'those people' and stood up for myself...I feel a change in me.

I am more confindant and more ambitious...have another interview this Friday morning. But my point is, instead of procradtinating, I am *doing*.

I am enjoying each day, and not worrying about the stuff that was weighing me down. I completely put my trust in God, knowing that He would do what was best for me, and made peace with that. And it's worked out. I am in horrid pain with my back, but am finding the beauty in the snow, and getting wrapped up in planning the big PARTY.

There is something I say to myself almost every day which I had learned at the Broom. Yes it is a spell...but repeat it each day, and you will find beauty and peace and comfort and empowerment.

Sacred space within myself,
Earth and air, light & health
Blessings from the (God/Goddess/whatever you believe in) shine,
Fill me with thy light devine.

As above it is below, now peace and love around me grow.
Be I angel, witch or elf....
Sacred space I call myself.

So mote it be.

Trust me, you'll see the change.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful advice. Moving on from bad situations, being who we are, enjoying the journey but making sure that we do not compromise our true selves... all of it matters. I really appreciate your post and the comments from Brown-eyed Girl and know there is something profound to be said about not being weighed down by things that don't matter.

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