Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yabba Dabbo Doo!

In a previous career, I used to work for an answering service. It kind of sucked. I worked for a scrooge that never cared what your problem was, you didn't call out. I had walking pneumonia with no voice and she still refused to let me call out. It took a doctor's orders that I do not go in to work or go in to the hospital to finally get a day off. And I had to cover another operators shift in order to get that time off.

We had some interesting clients. We had doctors that were so unbelievably rude it always shocked us to hear how the patients loved them. We answered for a cable company that never seemed to have service. We answered for a large air conditioning company that routinely ignored the complaints of a/c being out. (And in Arizona, it is pretty miserable without a/c.) We answered phones for the ATF and I will never forget during the Waco standoff how crazy the phones were. And we answered the phones for the devil himself. Actually I never knew WHAT exactly Nick did, but he did send us a goat's head for Christmas and he was creepy when he would call in for something.

And we worked in the "Flintstones Building". It was actually a former 900 number sex line operation's building that was bought out and we were moved in. It swayed when it was windy and it creaked non-stop. I worked there for four years and I think my sister, Liz, worked there for one year. (Or was it two, Liz?) I had to drive by the old building today to see what was up with it. The answering service moved out and it was a consulting firm, but it is abandoned now and up for sale. Still looks unstable and still makes me hum the Flintstones theme song when I drive by it.

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Liz said...

about 9 months of hell... didn't make it a yr before moving to Fl. I think you should buy it and make it a house. Gotta love the old Flintstone building..and when you'd park under it and pray that during a storm the building didn't fall down on your car. Glad I had my little car when I worked there b/c that parking was so tiny I'd be afraid to get in and out w/ a big suv. And seriously... why did Berta get to have space in the nice (stable..non shaking) building behind us!? lol she should have had to tough it out w/ the rest of us..and actually had to stay in the building w/ Crazy Mary!
But yes, it does make me sing in my head to see it-- Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...

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