Monday, May 16, 2011

Brain on shuffle!

Just some of the random thoughts that have been on my mind the last few days.

1 - Zombies. Yup, zombies. And the fact that someone made a movie about zombie sheep. Not only did someone make said movie, but people watched it. And then a certain someone *coughcoughRosecoughcough* sent me a link so I could look at the trailer for the movie. Weird. No, seriously...weird.

2 - Crazy Cat Ladies and the fact they think they know all about cats and don't stay out of others business. Every time Rose tells me about her own CCL I want to go find her (CCL, not Rose) and smack her upside the head.

3 - What am I going to wear to meet Jen Lancaster tomorrow night? Aaaah! The pressure!

4 - Karl Urban. He looks so sexy as a vampire in "Priest". I like my vampires to be vampires, not sparkly Twilight fluff. And Black Hat is definitely a demonic vampire. I can't find a good picture to convey this image as the only one is the promo pic and it doesn't work. So I'll just add a picture of the gorgeous cast at Comic Con last year.

What's been on your mind lately?


Anonymous said...

Well I was thinking of making a ham sandwich for dinner, but your talk of Karl Urban has directed thoughts elsewhere.

Michelle said...

Have you seen the movie? There is this scene, not to give too much away, where Karl's bad ass character is on top of a train and getting ready to bite his captive...yes, Karl Urban always needs fangs!!

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