Sunday, May 15, 2011

I went to Yuma and tapped into my super hero potential

Last weekend I met up with Leslie at our "in between" spot of Yuma, Arizona for a girls weekend. We didn't count on it being as hot as it was, which caused some miserable moments of heat and a bit of dehydration. However it was so much fun to see Leslie as we hadn't hung out since last July.

Unfortunately there isn't much to do in Yuma, especially when it is hot. (Though they do have a camel farm that I would like to see when it isn't so warm out.) We went to see some movies - "Thor" (excellent, excellent, I am in love with Chris Hemsworth), "Something Borrowed", and a repeat (for me) viewing of "Fast Five". We had some wings and fried pickles. And a trip to Target, where I got my super hero on!

We left early on Sunday morning to get back to our respective towns for some Mother's Day time with our mothers. Can't wait to plan our next adventure! Thank you, Leslie, for such a fun weekend!! xo

What's on tap for this week?

On Tuesday, Jen Lancaster brings her "If you were here" book tour to town and I'm taking my mom to the signing. I'm excited!

On Thursday, I'm hosting author Chantel Simmons blog tour stop for her book "Love Struck". I did a fun interview with Chantel as well.

And Friday..."Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides". Captain Jack, I've missed you!
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