Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mirror Balls, Dancing Shoes, and Terrible Towels

What do those three have in common?


This girl is happy!

It was an interesting season of DWTS. I personally favored Hines from the get go and rooted for him to win the entire contest. He was the only contestant this season to have never been in the bottom two and was the odds on favorite to win. Hines and Kym Johnson came out each week with determination to do the dance justice and they took the constructive criticism with grace. Kym’s injury (which made me ill to see) really drew more fans to their side, but they did not keep harping on it. Hines wanted to not see it aired as it made him just as sick to realize he could have crippled Kym and Kym just wanted to dance.

They were rightfully crowned champions last night.

I did feel bad for Maks as it was his tenth season and still he hasn’t won. And I do think that Kirstie Alley did an AMAZING job! She lost 38 inches off of her waist and at 60 years old; she went out there and danced her butt off each week. (And let’s be shallow for a moment, Maks with no shirt on was not a shabby sight to see.)

Chelsea Kane, who came in third, maybe should have been in second place. I think that the theatrics of her partner Mark Ballas did her more harm than good. Oh Mark’s hips are a thing of beauty, but his sullen attitude when judged was too souring for me to cheer for them.

(More shallowness because seriously check out Mark's hip action!)

Last night Kendra Wilkinson and Chris Jericho came back to dance and they both looked so relaxed and danced so wonderfully it is sad that they didn’t have that to show during the competition. (I still think Kendra is a crybaby.)

And Ralph Macchio…he has seriously found the fountain of youth! I can’t believe he is 50 years old. I think he should have been in the finals! I wanted to see him do the crane, dangit!! (Yup, “The Karate Kid’s” finest moment.)

It was a great season. Now what am I going to watch for the summer?

(And let me say how bummed I am that I am having to post via IE instead of Firefox since there is some stinkin' issue going on with Blogger and Firefox!)

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