Thursday, May 26, 2011

What the heck, Blogger!!

I am about to go form a protest at Blogger!

I can't log in to my blog if I am using Firefox. It just takes me to the log in screen over and over. And I hate using Internet Explorer.

It isn't like I have anything earth shattering to blog about, but you never know.

I could meet Mr. Right and elope to Vegas and only have two minutes to blog to you all about it.

I could decide to run away and study penguins in the South Pole. (Yes, I know there are not penguins in the South Pole. However, I fear clowns so I can't join the circus. My running away story, my rules!)

I could win the lottery and want to share with you, but would have to pull up IE in order to blog.

In other words, big news could happen and I am being denied from happily telling you!

Hurry up, Blogger, fix the issue!!


Anonymous said...

this made me laugh

Liz said...

soo at least you were able to post a new something.. I can't do that. I can comment but that's it. And I'm using IE.... stupid blogger!!!
And hey, if anything happens, I expect a call!! I better hear BEFORE you elope, not once blogger decides to work again

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