Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Words and New Blog Love!

Amazing, Fantastic, Cool, Astonishing, Incredible, Wonderful, Remarkable, Exceptional, Super, Outstanding, Exceptional Smashing, Groovy, Fantastic, Extraordinary, Cool, Splendid, Tremendous, Awe-inspiring, & Hot.

What do these words have in common? They are all the same meaning as “Fabulous” and “Awesome”, two of the most overused words in my vocabulary. (Though I have a feeling that “like” and “umm” are used in abundance as well, I try to stop myself from using either of those every time I feel them coming out.) Anyway, I digress. I have put a challenge to myself to stop using “fabulous” and “awesome” for a week. I am so quick to reply “awesome” to people, whether in a good way or a bad way. (I tend to throw that word out in a sarcastic, bored way a bit much.) So for one week we are going to see if I can get away from those two words.


Starting now…

- - - - - -

I really need to get my camera out and take pictures more. I didn’t take a single picture in Yuma. That is sad. Why do I bring this up? I discovered author Marika Christian's blog, Miss Quoted and she has such fascinating pictures on there. Her debut novel is called "Phone Kitten" and I think it sounds like a great read.
Anyway, again, I love her pictures (and her sweet puppy) and it inspires me to get my camera out. Yup.


Anonymous said...

I learned to take my pukey little camera everywhere because of the several hundred times I forgot mine and said "I wish I had my camera!" I also live in a very photogenic city, so that helps.

I, too am way to fond of the word AWESOME, so I might have to join you in this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

PS thank you for the kind words!

And I will say this AWESOME is the only word to describe my doggie, Dash.

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