Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's your blogging style?

I frequently look at my blog and think about what kind of presence I want to have on the internet through it. Originally when I started this blog, I ran out of steam after the first couple of posts. Then I picked it back up and updated more frequently. The goal was to provide updates to family and friends and it was light and fluffy. I tried to put a theme to my posting so I would have something on topic to post about each day; however I am not a daily posting type of gal. I’m trying to figure out the balance of how much of me to put into my sweet blog. I have a very private blog as well that I use for my “diary” of sorts so I have no intention of bringing all those kinds of posts over here, but I question if light and fluffy is a little too mindless? Does the real me shine through or are you just seeing glimpses? For me, writing is like therapy, it solves problems and issues.

What kind of blogging style do you have? Do you use your blog for a specific reason? Is there anything in particular you want to see me incorporate into the blogging on this blog?

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