Sunday, January 3, 2010

A word on gratitude...

On my birthday I decided to start the 365 days of gratitude with the best intentions of posting frequently with what I was most grateful for each day. I made it to 74. ::sighs::

The thing is I am always grateful for so many things, both big and small, on a daily basis. I just struggle with posting them every single day. Much like resolutions, I have a hard time with a posting schedule and generally break it because I'm a rebel like that. Hehe!I give massive props to those that not only met the 365 days of gratitude but surpassed it.

One of my goals for 2010 is to blog more, but I am not going to put myself on a schedule...I am just going to blog from the heart when it strikes me.


Lesli said...

I know, right???!! Eventually I end up rebelling against the structure of these things too!!!!

Michelle said...

And it makes me feel bad for just dropping it, but when I started to feel it was forced coming out then I knew it was time to stop.

Kristie said...

That is one of my top 5 songs, too! Actually my top 15 are:

1. Edge of Seventeen ~ Stevie Nicks

2. What a Difference You've Made in My Life ~ Ronnie Milsap (Our wedding song)

3. I Cross My Heart ~ George Strait (our other wedding song)

4. Don't Stop Believin ~ Journey

5. Queen of Hearts ~ Juice Newton

6. Sara ~ Starship

7. Xanadu ~ Olivia Newton-John

8. Billie Jean ~ Michael Jackson

9. Stuck With You ~ Huey Lewis and the News

10. Just the Two of Us ~ Grover Washington, Jr.

11. Let's Hear it For the Boy ~ Deniece Williams

12. Flashdance (What a Feeling) ~ Irene Cara

13. Photograph ~ Def Leppard

14. Luka ~ Suzanne Vega

15. 1999 ~ Prince

Obviously I love the 80's!
What are your top 15? Or top 5 if you don't want to think of 15 songs! :)

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