Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm cooking now...

Or will be!
One of my goals for 2010 is to get some serious cooking and baking skills under my hat.

And I have two sites that are just begging for me to bake from them.

The first came courtesy of a link from the fabulous Karyn Bosnak:

Cake Spy, where there are grilled cheesecake sandwiches...and cinnamon rolls with bacon wrapped inside.

The second one came from my sister, Liz:

Bakerella, where there are some adorable sweets!

Checking out these sites and recipes that come from various friends have me ready to get my bake on!!!


Lesli said...

I accidentally blocked & removed you from my Twitter while trying to send you a direct message. I have no idea how that happened. Can you please re-follow me??

I am under leslialison

I ended up sending my Noodles message to your Facebook instead!

Liz said...

Bakerella is amazing!! I've done the cake balls twice and they are amazingly good. I think mom tried them after my first attemp, but not sure. Make some!

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