Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

So I'm doing some shameless plugging today...

If you are in New York City (Friday), Los Angeles (Saturday), or San Francisco (Sunday), my darling and kooky chickie, Minae Noji's, movie "Bitch Slap" is having sneak previews in those cities w/ a lot of the cast in attendance. You should check it out. :)

I'm watching The People's Choice Awards...kinda boring and BADLY edited for the west coast. They were in the middle of a commercial and suddenly cut back to the adorable Alyson Hannigan giving her acceptance speech for Best Comedic TV Actress. didn't even show the nominees.

Mariah Carey is drunk...interesting. Mr. Mariah (aka Nick Cannon) is tailing her pretty close. Haha!

And "The Big Bang Theory" won for Best Comedic Series. Whoot!!!


Lindsay said...

I didnt get to watch it last night! :(

Kristie said...

I didn't watch it either but I did record it on our dvr. Is it worth watching or should I just delete the program?

Michelle said...


Personally I thought the show was boring and the editing was horrible in some markets. They kept cutting in and out of commercials here.

But Mariah drunk...hilarious.

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