Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue People and Grammys

I went to check out "Avatar" today...and actually sat down and immediately wrote out my review for The REEL Box Office, as I know if I don't do it now, it wouldn't get done. Anyway, you can check it out here:
Avatar Review.

It was interesting. I don't think I would go see it again in the theater, but I did enjoy it. And the visuals are so absolutely freakin' amazing! James Cameron's vision is pure genius. However, I gotta say there are some stupid people out there. The movie was in 3-D so we had on those lovely glasses. I think MOST people realize that when they have on those glasses that your perception is a bit distorted because of how you are seeing the movie, right? Well the lady about 4 rows behind me obviously didn't. She didn't take the glasses off when, about 15 minutes in to the movie, she got up to leave the theater for whatever reason. She toppled down the stairs. The movie had to be stopped for a few minutes so the could bring a wheelchair in, as she luckily only thought she had a sprained ankle. Then the manager had to remind people that you needed to take the 3-D glasses off before attempting to walk while the movie was on. Duh!

I'm watching the Grammy's currently:
- Lady Gaga and Elton John amused me...the performance was...well...odd. But you really have to hand it to her - Gaga keeps them talking.

- Taylor Swift is just all sorts of annoying to me. As is Beyonce.

- P!nk...oh my, amazing!!!

- Keith Urban looks sexy as can be!

- Performance of the night, so far, is Black Eyed Peas! So much love for them!

(They are cruising through the awards and there is still supposed to be 2 1/2 hours left? I do not want to wait until 10:30, sheesh!)

- I don't get the Jonas Brothers. (Though I guess people said that about New Kids on the Block, huh?) But Lady Antebellum were awesome.

- Ringo. Aww! And they are playing "A little help from my friends" for him. I love them Beatles.

- Jamie Foxx & T-Pain did one of my fave songs from last year ("Blame it") but what made it even better was when my 80's rock loving heart just got a SLASH (!!!) sighting as he mixed "November Rain" (my fave GnR song)into the mix!

- I do admit to loving The Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried".

- Still don't care for Taylor Swift, but hey, it's Stevie Nicks!

- Michael Jackson tribute. And I have my 3-D glasses from Avatar but I heard they won't work. Whatever! Odd combination of people compiled to do the tribute. They harmonize well together and this is one of Michael Jackson's more beautiful songs. (And how funny seeing Beyonce jamming in the audience with those stupid glasses on.)

- Bon Jovi..."Living on a Prayer"...eeep!

- The poor ostrich that gave his life to Rhianna for her dress. =\

- Mary J. Blige & Andrea Bocelli doing "Bridge over troubled water" is really beautiful.

- Blah, blah, blah talking.

- Oh Dave Matthews, please don't dance again!! That was bad...

(I can't stay up to watch the rest of this...too tired. So I consulted You Tube to check out the Drake, Lil Wayne, and Eminem performance. Wow, really if you have to bleep out so much of a performance maybe you shouldn't have that act perform? That said, I admit to loving Eminem and I do like that Drake song...and liked the performance.)

I heard that Taylor Swift won the big enchilada at the end of the show...and I agree with most of my friends on Twitter -- that is a big ol' ball of WTF!


Kristie said...

My favorite singer of all time is Stevie Nicks. I haven't watched the Grammys yet, it's on the dvr though.
I concur with the Taylor Swift thing. Sure, she's a nice kid and all, and I'm not sure what it is exactly that annoys me, but I kind of think it has something to do with the "Surprise factor and oh my gosh I totally wasn't expecting this act" as well as the "I can write a song about anybody" scare tactic she always uses. Bleh!
Did any of that make any sense to you?

Lesli said...

I didn't watch the Grammys & I haven't seen Avatar.

I am really out of the loop!

P.S. i LOVE Bon Jovi

Michelle said...

Kristie, hope I didn't spoil the Grammys for ya! Stevie was AMAZING, but Taylor? She was flat and just bad!!! I was annoyed that they let her sing with Stevie. And I know what you mean about Taylor -- it is the sugar act she has going on. I don't buy it. Blah on her.

Lesli, I am just shaking my head. Haha! I don't normally watch the Grammys because the awards bore me, but they piled it with musical acts this time around. Bon Jovi was great!

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