Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who's got the butterflies? Raise your hand!

It is 7:55AM and as I am sitting at my desk, processing invoices, my stomach is full of butterflies and I quite honestly feel sick. Why, you may wonder? I have a job interview for another department at 1PM today. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the thought of doing a job interview rattles my nerves completely. They are right up there with a visit to the doctor. However, after two years of being a temp and lacking benefits and holiday/vacation pay, this is an opportunity that can’t be passed up. To make it even more anxiety filled, when H/R called me about it yesterday I was told they interviewed one other person last week and passed them up so I am the only one remaining. If they like me, it is mine. If they don’t, the job opens back up. Fabulous.

I do know how to sell myself pretty well, but I always fear I am either going to come off too arrogant or not confident enough. I had a friend “interview” me yesterday, asking me a variety of questions to prepare myself for today. I AM prepared, I just feel sick to my stomach at the thought of doing it. (Such a wuss, I know.)

But cross your fingers…this is something I need desperately.


Liz said...

I got the butterflies too!!
Good luck! You'll do fine! hope you get it

and lol my word verification word :freeshark lol there's your random-ness of the morning

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed ... candles lit, dog praying ... I know how tough it is without insurance, so I am so hoping you get this.

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