Friday, August 19, 2011

Simple little life thought.

Here’s something about me that maybe you didn’t know – I get wangsty around my birthday every year. I inevitably take a moment to think about where I am, where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, and end up talking myself into a funk.

This year was no exception. The day before my birthday, I was driving home from work and got too deep in my head and felt my mood starting to fade and that “meh” state of mind settle in. However, I quickly asked myself WHAT exactly was I sulking over?

No, I didn’t lose all that weight that I wanted to. And I didn’t win the lottery and see the world. Heck, I’m still at the same job. But I also strengthened bonds with old friends, made some new friends, experienced new sights, had my mind blown by music, books, and cinema, laughed a lot, regretted little (except for a speeding ticket), and lived. Not too shabby.

So many times we are in such a rush to show what we accomplish and to make better that we don’t really pay attention to the little blessings that we have. You put all those little blessings together and you are going to find that your life is pretty damn spectacular after all.

If you ever find yourself in a pre-birthday funk or just feeling a bit sorry for yourself, take note of everything around you and find all those little blessings adding up.

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Lesli said...

I guess that is sort of like it's not the destination, it's the journey! Or stop and smell the roses? I try not to get hung up on what I have accomplished so far in my life--because I feel like I am probably exactly where I should be--for me. I am sure i told you Happy Birthday on Facebook, but Happy Birthday again. Catching up on my blogs this morning :-)

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