Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Q&A with author Denise Grover Swank

As part of the Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour for the book Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, I had the chance to interview the author, the delightful Denise Grover Swank. I hope you enjoy the interview!

1) Who and what inspired you to become a writer?

I've always written, since I was a kid. I loved getting lost in stories. I started my first book in fourth grade, inspired by a dream, and wrote 70 spiral bound pages before I stopped. But it was my high school English teacher, Mrs. Davis, who made me believe I was good and that writing was worthwhile. I dedicated Twenty-Eight Wishes to her.

2) You have wrote Chicklit, a paranormal thriller, and a young adult novel. Which is your favorite genre and is there one that you haven't wrote in yet but are looking forward to?

I also have a middle grade half way completed in first draft. I read lots of genres and you hear "tell the story you want to tell." Even with all the different genres, they're actually not so different. They all involve some type of mystery or unknown. They all have moments that are tense, exciting or thrilleresque. And they all have some type of fantastical element.

I like having the freedom to write both dark and intense-- my paranormal thriller series-- and also fun and light hearted-- Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes.

3) What is your cure for writer's block?

Keep writing. Seriously, especially in first draft. It might suck but you can fix it later. That's the whole point of editing.

4) In your book, Rose has a list of twenty-eight wishes. Do you have a similar list?

I have things I want to do but I haven't written them down the list tends to evolve. I add new things and others drop off. But Rose's list came from a time in my life after my husband died and I realized that if I didn't live now, I might never get the chance. I look at life differently now and try to make every moment count.

5)Twenty-Eight and a half wishes" is listed as book one. Do you already have a second book plotted out?

I have three more books for Rose semi-plotted out. I'm eager to start on her next book! I miss her.

6) My favorite question to ask of any writer - Who would you cast in a movie of your book?

Funny you should ask. I just figured this out a week or so ago. Rose: Ginnifer Goodwin Joe: Scott Foley Violet: Piper Perabo Daniel Crocker: James Frain Mildred: Randee Heller I have yet to find someone for Sloan. He'd be fun to cast.

Thank you, Denise, for the fun interview!

You can find out about Denise and her books at the following:
Denise's website
Denise on Twitter
Denise on Facebook

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