Friday, February 4, 2011


So here we are, 35 days into the new year! Those of you with resolutions, how are you doing with them? Hanging in there? Of course, I do goals instead of resolutions and so far so good.

My sister asked if I wanted to do the Biggest Loser challenge with her and so far I have lost 10 of the 25 lbs I signed up to lose. Granted I have been sick with the plague (flu) for the last two weeks and that is the biggest reason for the weight loss, but still. Now to just keep off what I lost while sick.

I have enjoyed some incredible cinema so far this year. And same goes for reading some great books. So I say so far, other than being sick, I have not had too shabby of a start to 2011. And it will only get better as the year goes by.

As I mentioned, I have the plague. Yes, it is just the flu but plague is more dramatic and I’m being all drama queen cry baby over it. I stayed home from work yesterday and I gotta say, that sucked. I can only stand to lay down/sleep for so long, even when sick. So I spent the majority of the day sitting on the couch with the dogs staring at lame daytime TV. When I was a kid and played sick so I could stay home, there was ALWAYS something to watch on TV. As an adult, there isn’t. So I decided to bring the zombie act back to work today. And for those wondering, no I did not have the flu shot. I fear needles. At the best I get queasy and throw up. At worst I hyperventilate, if not pass out.

Tomorrow is the day to get Comic Con tickets! So excited!! I can't wait to finally have the tickets bought. But more than that then I can start fully planning a fabulous trip to San Diego with Rose, Lisa, and Jazz!

Sunday is the Super Bowl! Go Steelers!!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?


adventuripity said...
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Leslie said...

Don't forget me! I'm in San Diego!!

Michelle said...

Never, never forget you! You are part of what is the fabulous vacation! <3 And you will get to see Jazz as well, hopefully, as we are hoping it works out for her to come along. :)

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