Monday, February 7, 2011


Before I get into the whole disappointment issue, what was your favorite commercial for the Super Bowl?

Hands down, my favorite was the Volkswagon commercial with Darth Vader! Followed by the Pug Doritos commercial.

The game, obviously, didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. But I want to thank my favorite girls for keeping me company via text and on Facebook through the game. (Even a certain cat had a few thoughts to add.) You definitely made the sting a little easier to deal with. I’m a loyal fan. My team has good days and bad days. They have some brilliant wins and some utterly humiliating losses, but I stay a faithful fan to the Steelers. (and the Yankees.) What sucked even worse than the loss last night was the disappointment I felt in other people.

We all know that Ben Roethlisberger had some serious drama surrounding him in the off season last year. As the charges were dropped I am not saying I felt he was guilty or innocent. He certainly isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, athlete to have scandal in his personal life. I say look at what he achieves on the field professionally. For a “friend” of mine to tell me how disappointed she is in ME for supporting a team that would have Big Ben play for them, I have to say one person’s actions doesn’t mean the whole team is not worthy.

For the fair-weather fans that turned on the team during the game so they wouldn’t be supporting the losing team – give me a break. Nothing is more annoying than those types of fans. So you can only support a winner? What does that say about you? Makes you sound like a quitter who runs when things aren’t going your way. I don’t care if they lost every game during the season, I am still there supporting the team that I love.

The loopy “friend” that obnoxiously tweeted ugly comments during the Super Bowl in an attempt to get the attention of some celebrity? The one with the “I may be the only person not watching football but I hate the Steelers”? And the one with the comment “The NFL showed the Steelers they don’t support scandal”? Ya know what? Grow up. Texting me to tell me you hate the team I am rooting for is so petty. I never make a big deal over a friend’s team losing. I would never root for the Dallas Cowboys or the Boston Red Sox, but I respect your right to do so and would never act so immature towards you. Yes, it is just a game. Which I also think should mean you don't have to act like that. (And I'm not the only one that got zinged by people last night so this is not just me that felt this way in the end.)


Liz said...

I am w/ you on the Darth Vader commercial! Was the best!

As for the game... I'm bummed the Steelers lost too...but only b/c we had a chance to win $$ from a pool at Eric's work. Aside from that I didn't care who won/lost as I don't watch football. But yeah, the ppl who switch teams to be rooting for the's sad they feel that's necessary! And the ones who take it too far... even more pathetic.

On to next year and the super bowl commercials to come :) ...
oh yeah.. and bring on some BASEBALL!!

Leslie said...

You said it, sister!! I was accused of only being a recent Steelers fan, then accused of supporting rape and assault..... and for what??? SO LAME.

Also, that last "friend"? Yeah, I don't even think with her that should be a thought. No quotes in the world could make her human. LOL.

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