Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five

1. How awesome are these bunk beds for dogs? Hehe! Bo and Molly would not be impressed. Tyson, however, would love the top bunk!

2. Speaking of Tyson, Liz sent me a couple of pictures she came across as my boy as a wee little man! I can’t wait for her to scan them in and post them. Tyson came from a home across the street from us at roughly 6 weeks old. He was two times the size of his litter mates because he refused to let them nurse. He fought me the whole way across the street, hissing and screeching. His attitude was established as a baby. I think that ugly attitude just became legend and stuck with him. Love that boy of mine.

3. I’m taking Michaela to hopefully see “Rango” tomorrow morning on a sneak peek pass. Not too sure about how I think this movie looks, but Johnny Depp is the voice of Rango and I do love Depp!!

4. Oscars are this weekend. Will you be watching? I need to watch “True Grit” and “The King’s Speech” and will have seen all the nominated movies. These are the two that I am dragging my feet on seeing. “The King’s Speech” does not really appeal to me at all. I still say that “The Fighter” was the best film.

5. Can we discuss Charlie Sheen and the debacle of his life for a moment? The thing is I have always enjoyed Charlie Sheen, the actor. Unfortunately his personal life is overshadowing everything he has ever done professionally anymore. Whenever he is mentioned, it is about his drunken/drug induced outbursts and the women in his life. Martin Sheen making excuses for his son’s disgusting behavior is nothing but enabling and the forced “rehab” was quite the joke, wasn’t it? Yep, rehabbing in your house and then at a resort in the Bahamas with a p0rn star and a call girl as your escorts is really going to help get your life back in order. His outbursts yesterday, attacking Chuck Lorre and babbling like a derange lunatic, just made me sad for him and the loss of his career. And what is even more annoying is the fact that we all know if this was a woman that was acting like this that Hollywood would have turned their back on her by now and wrote her off as a lost cause.

1 comment:

Liz said...

hehe Tyson needs bunk beds!
And I'll try to get the pics of tyson scanned tomorrow. There's 5-6 of them. He was so stinking cute back then...even if he was pure evil!

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