Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have an update!

I have started so many times over the last week to put up an update and then either writer's block hit or I just lost steam. I've had to stick up that negativity deflector shield a few times. But the plague has left the building and I am feeling completely up to par.

So let's see, what is up...

I am going to apply to be a volunteer at Phoenix Comic Con. I would totally love to be a guest escort. But there are a few different things I would be up to doing. /geek

Can we talk about how evil Farmville is on Facebook? I always say I'm going to stop playing and then a new baby animal is introduced, particularly the horses. As I tell Jo, who is my crack/foal dealer, it is a sure sign that I would be an animal hoarder.

I've been trying to catch all the Oscar nominated films before the big awards ceremony. This past weekend I saw "Blue Valentine" and "The kids are all right". "Blue Valentine" was so depressing, but Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams were just incredible in the story of a married couple falling apart. "The kids are all right" was merely alright for me. I think it was hyped way too much and I went in expecting more than it gave. Next up is "Winter's Bone" and "The King's Speech". (Then I have "127 Hours" and "True Grit" to go.)

What's coming up this weekend?

* Lesli gave me the "Stylish Blogger" award so I need to accept it and pass it on to a few stylish bloggers of my own.

* The Scottsdale Arabian horse show is coming up and Friday is free night.

* There are a couple of new movies that I want to try to see.

* I have a book review to post for the Chick Lit Challenge.

* I need to get to the library and get a library card!

* A couple of more serious blogs are brewing and I need to get them out.

* I get a nap one day!

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