Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Thoughts

Did you all watch the Academy Awards last night?

I have to tell ya, I watched both red carpet and awards show while on Twitter and it was really a fun night last night. The best part of Twitter is how fast it moves and the conversation flowed. Let’s face it, most awards shows are pretty boring and if you aren’t able to watch them with friends where you can have that conversation, then I was happy to have my tweeting pals around.

I saw nine of the ten nominated films. Time ran out and I didn’t get to see “True Grit”. (I saw “Inception” but didn’t really pay attention as I was suffering a horrendous headache so I do want to see that one again where I can really focus on it.)

My red carpet thoughts will be in the next post. There were some gorgeous dresses last night. There were some WTH dresses last night. And there were hot boys!!

James Franco & Anne Hathaway as hosts? Thoughts? I thought they were okay. I’ve seen worse, definitely seen better (Billy Crystal, come back!). Franco did appear bored (stoned) through the majority of the program, but I laughed so hard at seeing him dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

I called the big awards – Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and Animated Film. (Come on, you knew that Toy Story 3 was going to win that one!) I was really excited for Christian Bale (and got a laugh when he forgot his wife’s name when he got so overwhelmed) and for Natalie Portman (she is such a cute pregnant lady).

Overall not too bad of a show. It had some dull points, of course, as do most Academy Awards telecasts and they left Corey Haim out in the “In Memory Of”, but not a bad show.

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