Sunday, December 26, 2010

Was yesterday really Christmas?

Oh my goodness, how fast it flew by and now the 26th is almost over as well. Great big rush to get to Christmas and then it is over in a flash.

Hope Santa treated you all well? I got some fabulous gifts and it was a really nice day spent with family, plus chatting with two of my favorite people, Rose and Jazz. Jazz exhausted me with the tales of all the houses they were visiting. I was quite happy to stay home.

I went to see "Black Swan" this afternoon with my friend, Paula. The movie is very dark and just as depressing. I think that Natalie Portman was heart wrenching as the ballerina driven crazy in the pursuit of perfection and fame in her drive to be the Swan Queen in the ballet company's performance. It was one of those movies when it ended you just sat there for a moment, not quite sure what you should think. After a moment Paula and I looked at each other and were just "well..." It does drive home a point, however, in how sad it is that we are so desperate to be seen as perfect by others that sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and just lose control.

Tomorrow is my holiday off from work so I plan to sleep in, might go to a movie in the morning, do a little shopping, and have a quiet day at home. This coming week is year end at work and as we are closed on the 31st it is going to be an insanity induced three day work week. Tomorrow and Friday are going to be welcome days off.

For now, I'm going to spend the rest of my night watching some "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King".


Kristie said...

I think I heard that this movie is getting Oscar buzz and I usually have no interest in seeing movies that are Oscar worthy. Isn't that sad? I'd rather watch something like Grown Ups or Sex and the City. But, you really know me...I'd rather totally go old school and watch Grease 2 or Teen Witch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on "Black Swan". I love ballet and can't decide whether to see it or not... the clips I've seen from it definitely lean toward the dark side.

Michelle said...

Kristie - I keep meaning to tell you when AMC had me do a survey a couple weeks ago about digital re-releases they had XANADU on there!! They plan to re-release it next year for a limited run in the theater. I kinda got giddy over it. haha!!

Elizabeth - "Black Swan" is definitely dark, but it is a good movie. It had to really sink in and I had to think about it before I came to the conclusion I did really like it. Makes you think.

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