Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vision meet trash can

There is nothing quite like having your vision completely shredded and tossed in the garbage can.

The lovely vision that I personally had for the gingerbread cubicle that we were decorating at work was trashed. It has been replaced by someone else’s vision and it is tacky looking. It makes me so sad to see what should have been a cute little display become a huge gaudy spectacle of crumbled paper, tape bunched up everywhere, and cardboard arches that have gaps where you see nothing but electrical tape and sticks.

I can’t even share pictures as it just makes me sad. But what makes me the most annoyed of all? It was my idea, I was the one asked to do it. Suddenly someone else became obsessed with it and took over, staying until 8PM the other night just to work on it when no one else was here and could have any input. And every time someone mentions it, she jumps to her feet “yes, this was my idea…” Yes, well, I would normally be fighting for my due and demanding my credit, but seeing how it looks so pitiful, she is welcome to it. The perfectionist in me can't handle it.
(Maybe I can try to do some repair work on it...)

Dang Grinch!

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