Friday, December 3, 2010

A little holly, a lot of jolly

I love that Christmas music is playing non-stop on at least two radio stations! I flip between them all through my work day and have to refrain from busting out in song.

My favorite Christmas song changes frequently depending on the day. “Let it snow” by anyone is loved by me. Josh Groban’s “Oh Holy Night” is beautiful. Alvin and the Chipmunk’s “Chipmunk Christmas Song” makes me smile. It must be the subliminal messages that I *know* are in there, but I do have to enjoy hearing “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” at least once a day.

The one that I can not stand and will turn the station the second I hear it – Taylor Swift’s version of “Last Christmas”, originally done by Wham. It makes my ears hurt. (I am not a fan of TSwift to start with.)

And I never realized how creepy “Baby it’s cold outside” was until someone pointed it out the other day. lyrics here...

So many houses are all decked out for the holidays already. I love it! Last year you were hard pressed to find any houses that were all lit up. (And let’s face it; it may be gawdy but who doesn’t love when you find a Clark W. Griswald house?) This year people have been on the ball! It was fun just driving around our neighborhood last night on the way home from the post office and looking at the lights.

We have not decorated at home yet. Hopefully this weekend. I will need to go out to my storage shed and bring home my boxes of Christmas d├ęcor and get it up in my room.

Because this is how I roll – my Christmas cards are addressed. Envelopes are stuffed, they are stamped. They are still sitting on my desk waiting to go to the post office.

Queen of Procrastination does not care that it is holiday time; they must sit there and taunt me for a few days. Tomorrow…as all good procrastinators cry out…I will mail them tomorrow!!!

How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I’m done, finished it on Black Friday! *happy dance* now I am just in the wrapping and shipping process. (And no, Rose, I will not be telling you what I am sending you, but you can keep trying to get it out of me.)

Can you believe it is already December 3rd? This month is going to FLY by. Before we know it 2011 will be making an entrance. I have already started to think about my word of the year for 2011 and contemplating what I am going to put on my goal list. (Never resolutions, I will break them in the first couple of days to be a rebel.) How about you? Do you do the resolution thing?

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