Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Randomly Speaking...

** Have you seen the Eminem and Rihanna video for "Love the way you lie" yet? (You can check it out here: "Love the Way you lie") It is a little unsettling to watch, the song and video strongly documenting abuse. I like the song. I read that both of them are getting slammed for "glamorizing" abuse. Maybe I am blind, I don't see how that video was glamorous. That video was brutal.

** And how about Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant that had enough. I have laughed so hard over this. I have had many days at different jobs wanting to do the exact same thing and walk out. I think it has been a little overblown, though. And what is going to happen to the lady on the plane that was causing a disturbance? Isn't it against the law as well to behave that way on a flight? Hmm!

** Pop Tarts store opens in Times Square. I'm a fan of pop tarts in small doses, I definitely couldn't eat them every single day. The store sounded intriguing at first, then I started to read about it and my teeth started to hurt at the thought of all that sugar. I bet it does amazing business.

** Anyone been to the movies lately? I went to see "The Other Guys" starring Mark Wahlberg (Hello, Marky Mark!) and Will Ferrell. The movie was absolutely hilarious! I can only take Will Ferrell in small doses, but Mark Wahlberg polarized him enough that I laughed through the entire movie. There is even bonus Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Derek Jeter.

This weekend "Eat, Pray, Love" and "The Expendables" opens. I need to catch them both. (I love a good chick flick as much as I love a good action movie! Plus "The Expendables" has Bruce Willis...) I also need to still go see "Inception"!

** I need a new mantra. New year (birthday was on Monday), time for a new mantra. Besides I think that everyone uses "Live, Laugh, Love" so I need something more me. What about you? Do you have your own personal mantra?

** I want to send big get well soon wishes and love to my cousin, Joyce!! :) Hope you are up to par soon!

** Can I just end this with the fact that I am so excited that Vanessa Marcil is back on "General Hospital"?? LOVE that Brenda Barrett!


The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

Goodness Woman! I want to address some of this! Ha Ha

Couldn't see video...crap internet connection right now

LOVING the Jet Blue story, hating that he got arrested and is facing so many charges

I quit Pop Tarts. They mess up my digestive system.

I want to see that movie so bad!!! I ready about why Jeter is in it in Entertainment Weekly.

I wish I would have skipped Inception and will probably wait on Eat Pray Love, although if I get a chance to see the Other Guys and The Kids are All Right I might go if I get a chance.

My birthday was Tuesday!!! We are one day apart.

No more, you are going to think I am trying to blog on your blog. It's just that you had so much to say!

Michelle said...

hehe! Please, come and comment, converse with me!

I thought it was overkill that he got was charged like he was. And again, the woman that started it? She was disrupting a flight and last I checked, that was illegal!

Pop Tarts can only be ate by me for a few days and then I just have to step away, too much sugar. (And I only like them well toasted.)

"The Other Guys" -- hilarious! I definitely recommend seeing it. And the Jeter part was hilarious. "I'm Derek Jeter, jackass!" haha!

I have heard that "The Kids are All Right" is simply amazing!

Yay! Leo's rule!! :)

The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

Ha Ha I haven't toasted one in a long time. Straight out of the package while driving was my favorite way! :)

Leslie said...

Mantra..... yes, "Live, Laugh, Love" is severely overused.

I tend to change mine with great frequency but I am a lover of quotations and feel like several fit my personality.

Today's mantra was, "Fly!"

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