Monday, August 30, 2010

Prime Time Emmys

Nothing really jumped out to me as OMG, Stunning last night...or anything too horribly ugly. But here are some of my thoughts:

Best Dressed:

Tina Fey & Mariska Hargitay

Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen (I love that Modern Family!)

Julie Benz

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, what a gorgeous couple!

The handsome men:

Ryan Kwanten. (I think he is from True Blood??)

Jon Hamm, oh so handsome!

Neil Patrick Harris. I <3 the Doogie!

Jim Parsons! All the pictures of him look waxy...too much make up, but hello it is SHELDON!! And he won!!! Nerds rule!

And seriously, there is no one more handsome than Mr. George Clooney!

And the WTF's:

I have no idea what is going on with the top half of Rose Byrne's dress. And the hair is a fright.

So many people chose Lea Michele as one of the best dressed of the night. I hate it, hate the bottom, all the ruffles.

Oy, Lauren Graham, oy!

And an undecided:

Honestly I don't know what I think about January Jones dress. Normally she is just stunning. The color is gorgeous...the cone bra is odd, the hair is a mess.

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