Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Monday has arrived.

Monday comes way too early. At least this week is leading up to a holiday weekend.

How was your weekend, my lovely family and friends?

I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday. Oy. Such a dangerous place for me…really any craft store is. Shelley had mentioned that the Hobby Lobby near her in Arkansas had a great sale on fall/Halloween items. So I stopped at Borders (couldn’t find anything I wanted) and then headed over to HL. Boo on my local Hobby Lobby as they didn’t have anything on sale for Halloween. Oh there was a LOT of cute stuff, but not on sale. However, there was one aisle of Thanksgiving directions, one aisle (both sides) of fall leaves/flowers, one aisle (one sided) of Halloween decorations, and then 9 aisles, both sides of Christmas stuff as well as all the Christmas trees out. Really? It isn’t even September yet!

However, I saw plenty of Christmas stuff that I want. Does anyone do themes for Christmas or do you just decorate with everything you have? I have a lot of snowmen and usually that is my theme for everything. But this year I want to start getting a penguin themed tree going.

Did anyone else watch the Primetime Emmy Awards last night?
(My next post will have some fashion from the night.) Anyone that knows me knows how ecstatic I was that Jim Parsons (Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory) won lead actor for a comedy. Much deserved and he is absolutely hysterical. And Modern Family is one of my favorite new comedies so I was thrilled for their huge win as Best show, Comedy. I have a soft spot for ol’ Al Bundy, Ed O’Neil. And that show is just a riot. I was bummed that LOST got shut out completely, though. Your thoughts on the show? How did you like Jimmy Fallon as a host?


The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

I just decorate with everything I have. I think it would look nicer if I did a theme. I love Hobby Lobby. One of the 2 in our whole state is right by my house. I didn't watch, but would have if I'd known it was on. I previewed the new Michael Douglas drama that's coming out on Tuesday. It was okay.

The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

Next Tuesday I mean!

Liz said...

I can't wait to live close to a hobby lobby again!! P'cola will be bad for our bank account hehe.

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