Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Friday, I bow before thee!

This has been the longest week EVER! I swear it has felt like Monday all the way through to today…and today still has some Monday qualities to it.

TGIF, my lovelies! Cheers!! What is everyone up to for the weekend? I am not quite sure what I have planned due to an unexpected issue that popped up. I have a free movie ticket, however, so I will probably still take in “Eat Pray Love”. (If you live in a state that has AMC theaters and you go to the movies a lot, you should sign up for their Movie Watchers card. It is free and you get points for all movies you see which give you discounts at the concession stands and free movies.)

Where do you find yourself doing most of your blogging? I ask this because I find that I do most of my blogging while at work. Well the basic blogging, that is. I always have an email box open at all times and adding to it as the day goes on for either my blog or my private journal. Writing is therapeutic to me, even if all I am writing about is mindless fluff. So I usually do the outline of the blog while at work and then when I get home I add in the graphics and links, if any.

So my topic of the day is Do you have any odd, borderline OCD, habits? Because, baby, let me tell you, I’ve got some!

* If I am eating a fruit snack (love the Scooby Doo ones the best), the pieces have to all be separated so they aren’t touching and I divide them by color. Blue is eaten first, green last. (I divide candy pieces by color as well.)

* I can not leave my room in the morning until I double check that computer/monitor are off, radio is off, fan is on, and TV remote is by the bed. I will get half way down the stairs and have to go back up and double check.

* I also can not leave the drive way if I am the last one to leave the house without making the garage door is shut. I have been known to take a picture of the closed door just for piece of mind. (I have a fear of the house being broke into for some reason.)

*I can not sleep if the top sheet is tucked in. They have to be pulled free of the bed or I get a feeling of being confined.

Just a few oddities. I love my oddities…they give me personality, they are quirky. I like being quirky.

Bath and Body Works and I have a date on payday! They have too many awesome new scents (including the fabulous Halloween ones) out that I need to stock up on.

How cute is that???

Shop their Halloween Boo-tique

My parents are in Idaho until Tuesday. They left Molly behind so I spent Thursday evening watching TV downstairs so she had company. (We watched “Wipe Out” because let’s face it, it is hilarious when someone gets socked in the face or falls down. I laughed, Molly just chewed her bone. She isn’t much for conversation.) She did however get a little rambunctious over her big green ball. She is so cute. (Tyson, for the record, was upstairs being the grumpy cat that he always is.)

1 comment:

The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

My husband has that sheet problem, so I usually just use the fitted one and skip it.

My favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms and I save the best tasting colors for last. I eat them like this: Blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, green. Every time. Although I will eat them however at the theater since it's dark.

Your dog is soooo cute.

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