Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgic Inspiration

I “met” Kristie off of Lesli’s “Pretty Random Thoughts” blog late last year. The first thing I noticed about Kristie is how absolutely sweet she is. Very open and welcoming and one of those people that just has the aura about them of someone that is “good people”. As she settled into blogging life, she started to talk about her favorite thing – the 80’s. How can you not love the 80’s?? Kristie posts happy pictures of all things 80’s and it brings up the most fabulous memories of my childhood. I look at the pictures that Kristie blogs and just smile. Smurfs? Oh I remember getting up on Saturday morning and going to watch them back when Saturday mornings were all about cartoons. Members Only jackets? Yep, had one. Strawberry Shortcake (vintage), Full House, Growing Pains, Family Ties, MC Hammer parachute pants, Tiger Beat magazine, The Pirate Movie, Xanadu, Hart to Hart, The Love Boat, Lip Smackers lip gloss, the list can go on and on. Kristie is the master of the happy nostalgic memories, she brings them on constantly. And I am very happy to say that my original opinion on Kristie was correct – one of the sweetest and loveliest ladies out there!

So I asked Kristie my questions and here are her answers:

Who inspires you?

Since I was a little girl in the 3rd grade, I always new I wanted to become a writer. I loved the creative writing assignments and I always volunteered for any extra credit writing opportunities. I can remember wearing my pencils down to the erasers, writing with pens until they ran out of ink, and throwing away countless sheets of wide ruled notebook paper. I wrote poems, letters, notes to my parents, notes in class (haha) and I also began writing children's books at a very early age.

When asked who inspires me, I cannot leave out my wonderful teachers (especially my elementary teachers.) I feel they were instrumental in being the first to inform and introduce me to the idea of writing as well as encouraging me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I am also greatly inspired by my parents. I'll start with my father. He was not one to come down hard on me if I made a bad grade or if I brought home a lackluster book report. He would instead ask me one question.

"Did you try your best?"

When I replied with a YES, then he would shrug his shoulders and say,

"That's good enough for me!"

He's right you know? All we really have/need to do in this life is try our best and do our best with what the good Lord has given us, whether it be writing, cooking, sales or whichever career path you've chosen.

I am continually inspired by my mother's love for me and her undying support for my choice to try and reach my goals and be a published author. I am blessed beyond belief with the woman I call "Mom." She is my biggest supporter and I am inspired to be just like her through her kindness toward others, her giving nature and her friendly and fun personality.

My husband is my rock. He inspires me everyday to be the best wife, the best cook, the best house cleaner and the best writer. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who believes in me and lets me stay home and follow my dreams.

Last, but certainly not least, I am inspired by my friends. Mainly those friends that I've made through blogland. I am continually inspired through your posts, words of wisdom, words of encouragement, praise, compliments and general support. Some of you are already on the path to becoming life-long friends and I'm so grateful and blessed by you all.

Things that inspire me:

Everyday life ~ I constantly carry around a notebook pad so that I may jot something down if need be. For examples, I write down peoples names, a street name, a conversation I overheard between a teenager and their parent. You never know where the idea will take you in your book. For this reason, I also carry a camera as well. I'll take a snapshot of an old house to describe later or a teenager's clothing choice.

I am inspired by television shows like icarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. I am even inspired by Saved By the Bell even though it first aired over 20 years ago because the same situations still happen today ~ just with different style and different lingo. The heart of the matter and content remain the same.

Who/What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for Our Lord Jesus Christ, my loving parents, my adoring husband and my lovely friends. I am truly blessed by all of you.

I try to motivate myself everyday. I strongly feel that the best motivation comes from within. No matter how many people and/or things inspire me, I would have nothing if I didn't believe in myself and in my ability as a writer. Most importantly, I need to believe in my ability to succeed. It's not without blood, sweat and tears and a little rejection. But just like Dolly Parton quotes, "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

(You can find Kristie at The Writer’s Block, where she will entertain with her fabulous love of all things 80’s, awesome stickers, and just her all around lovely personality! Thank you, Kristie! I am blessed with your friendship and am thankful that you participated. xoxo)


Kristie said...

Your words bring tears to my eyes, Michelle. Thank you for featuring me on your blog today. I am grateful and blessed to have you as my friend. Thank you for your kind words. I'm touched. You totally made my day!

Michelle said...

You are so very welcome!! I am so happy that you agreed to be featured! <3 <3

Lesli said...

Well, of course, I love Kristie!

I love that she carries a camera and notebook with her to take pictures for ideas and jots down random things. That is so like me, too!

xoxo to both of you!

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