Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strength of the heart

(Because I will be out of town next Thursday, I am doing two of my thankful inspirations tonight.)

I’ve known Wendy for a couple of years now, having met her in CA during the summer of 2008, at the annual General Hospital weekend that I attend. The thing about Wendy is she has a lot of strength about her. Of course she has a strong will and a strong opinion, which are awesome traits to possess. But she has this incredible inner strength that she shows admirably. As you will see when you read her answer to who/what inspires her, Wendy has someone in her life that needs someone to be there for her and time and time again when I inquire how things are going, I hear about her friend, Paula. When things seem bleak and dark, Wendy shows how strong the heart is by holding Paula’s hand and sitting through the next wave of the battle with her. A weaker person would falter and eventually scurry away. Not because they don’t have the love for this person anymore, but because the situation has no ending and no solution. The uncertainty may weigh on Wendy, but she holds it together to be there for her friend. We all have problems that we go through, but how inspiring to see someone who puts her heart completely into being strong for someone who is going through a situation that I pray none of us have to go through. Thank you, Wendy. Not only for answering the questions, but for providing inspiration in showing how to be a true friend.

What are you most grateful for?
After surgery on my right shoulder in April, I am thankful that my recovery is progressing well. I am right-handed and had to be off work for 2 weeks after surgery. (Have you ever tried to brush your teeth w/ the opposite hand? Try it sometime, it's hard to do!) Currently I have to do 5 different exercises 2x/day for the next 6 weeks, but the Dr. is optimistic that I will regain full range of motion this Summer! For this, I am thankful!

Who/What inspires you?
My friend Paula inspires me. She was diagnosed with cancer after a routine surgery in March. She enrolled in a clinical trial where she has received radiation and is still undergoing chemotherapy (thru August). Just this week she had to shave her head and start wearing a wig. She blogs about her experience; sometimes I cry when I read her blog updates, other times I laugh. Paula is such a strong person and she reminds me frequently that "life is what you make it". So true, so very true.

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