Thursday, July 15, 2010

Power of the Spirit

I first saw Lilly Melgar back in the 90’s when she joined “General Hospital” as Lily Rivera, where she shone her way through story lines with Ricky Martin, Maurice Benard, and Vanessa Marcil, to name a few. After Lily’s demise on the show, Lilly moved on to a spot on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and most recently has been cast in the two upcoming web series “The Bay” and “Reality Bytes”. She has always been a powerful actress, but it is through interacting with her on Facebook that I have been able to see the power of her spirit. Almost daily she posts something on her page that has me nodding my head in agreement and wanting to chime in (since I am a chatterbox) with my own thoughts on the subject. Lilly is this incredibly vivacious spirit that sparkles with life. That is what inspires me about Lilly. She speaks as someone that is in tune with not only her physical being, but someone that walks in step with her spiritual being. And that is the most powerful thing you could ask to possess in your life. Thank you, Lilly, for not only answering my questions, but sharing your thoughts and words

What are you most thankful for?
I am thankful for the gift of knowing God. Knowing that this presence dwells within all of us and therefore we are never alone and always connected. Knowing there is always a divine purpose and therefore trusting enough to let go and let GOD! KNOWING that God's plan is ALWAYS better than my own. I am sooo THANKFUL for this knowledge since i have found it to be true freedom.

Who/What inspires you?
What inspires me? .. I am inspired daily by my daughter's light and love. She makes me want to be a better person. She reminds me of what it's really all about and that keeps me humble and sane. I am inspired by God's grace. The opportunity to receive a new day in which i can do better and maybe even get it right ;) ... I am inspired by experience, knowing that everything eventually really does work out. My mother inspires me by the way she loves us, who she IS and all she's achieved against the odds. I am inspired everyday by knowing that a piece of God dwells within us and therefore we really CAN do ANYTHING ... if we just BELIEVE.

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