Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 01/30

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

(Taken this morning. Is that recent enough?)

Okay, 15 interesting facts...let's see:

01) I fear clowns. Hate them! Think they are evil and creepy.

02) I'm anal about my numbers lining up, hence the reason it says 01,02,...10,11,etc)

03) I'm always mentally planning a vacation to somewhere that I am not going to be actually going to. (Such as I recently I've spending time looking up tours of vineyards in Italy.)

04) I'm fascinated with Ancient History, particularly Egyptian and Greek.

05) I met Frank Sinatra, he is the ultimate icon to me. (And my sister called him "Snotra".)

06) I have also met Oscar the Grouch and he bit my hand. (He bites instead of kisses.) I fangirled him!

07) There is a radio station (Shout out to KALM 102.1) that plays elevator muzak 24/7. I frequently listen to it while driving my car and perform my own concerts. The Michelle World Tour has a pretty diverse song line up.

08) I do not like talking on the phone as much as I used to. I tend to talk on the phone when I'm driving but am not as apt to answer my phone if I'm at home.

09) My biggest fear when going on vacation is someone breaking in the house and stealing all my CD's of pictures. (Why someone wants a CD that says "Michelle's digi pix 2010" is beyond me, but hey, it is my fear!)

I chew gum when I'm stressed out...and get "gum attitude". You know, when you think you are a bad ass as you chomp your gum? Yep, that is me.

11) I don't have kids, I don't want kids. I have a cat, he is as much as I can handle. (He is so cute!) But I do love and spoil my nieces and nephew.

12) I think "amazing" is the most overused word out there, but I use it all the time. (Yes, I am struggling to think of facts that I haven't thrown out there many times before.)

13) Words and quotes speak to me. I can hate a song until I hear one line that is interesting and then will love the song forever because of that one line.

14) I seek inspiration in creativity.

15) I'm a soap opera fangirl! Particularly "General Hospital" and have most some of the most incredible (ha, didn't use "amazing") people because of it. From actors to other fans, there are some inspiring people there.

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