Saturday, July 17, 2010

All my bags are packed?!?!?!

So I leave on Thursday to drive over to California for a couple of days of vacation goodness. I plan to leave around 4:00AM on Thursday, as a matter of fact. And I already can tell you how my week is going to go where packing is concerned.

Saturday: Start packing! (Look at the suitcase, that is all.)

Sunday: Start packing! (Bring clean laundry upstairs, don't put anything in suitcase. Look at the suitcase.)

Monday: Start packing! (Open the suitcase, throw socks in the suitcase.)

Tuesday: Seriously start packing! (Throw a few things in the suitcase, consult list of what I am bringing, decide it will only take a few minutes to do later.)

Wednesday: OMG!!! It is 10:30PM and you aren't even done packing!! (Sheer chaos will ensue!)

Thursday: 4:00 in the morning, hope you packed it all. (Forget tooth brush.)


Leslie said...

4AM, wow! You are devoted!

It's looking like my packing schedule will be similar except I'm sitting here on Sunday with my suitcase still in my closet.... burried behind my desk. This takes great effort to move, it's over 80 degrees in my room, and.... I'm not doing that right now. LOL.

.... so, chaos ensues, definitely.

Lesli said...

While I love to travel I am also a procrastinating packer...and unpacker too!

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