Monday, July 5, 2010

I love a holiday!

I love having today off of work, except for the fact that I woke up and thought it was Sunday and was mentally telling myself to get the laundry together and get it started. But then I remembered it was indeed Monday and I had no work. Ah, love it!

I headed off to the movie theater to take in a viewing of "Knight and Day", starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

It was a cute movie. I definitely recommend seeing it if you want a cute, nonsense movie. Tom Cruise is definitely getting old, but his smile is still charming. (And I can forgive some of his batty behavior in real life when he entertains me.) Cameron Diaz, I have a love/hate relationship with. I both love and hate her for the same thing -- she plays such ditzy characters in most of her roles, but at the same time they are so endearing in an "I feel the same way" way.

I tried to go see "Knight and Day" yesterday, actually. Got in the theater, got my seat, and found out the reel was broken. They gave options - the next showing of the movie was rented out by a church (more on that in a minute), the new reel would be there in 5 hours, "Grown-Ups" had been on for 25 minutes, "Shrek" had been on for 10 minutes, "Twilight: Eclipse" was staring in 10 minutes, or I could get a refund. I am not going to see a movie that is already started and this may be an unpopular opinion, but I am NOT seeing any of the Twilight movies. I took the refund and came back today.

There is a church that rents out one of the auditoriums every Sunday for services. Then as a thank you, I guess, for coming to the service, they get a free movie from the church? That is bizarre to me.

While I find the whole Twilight business to be silly, I did get a laugh when Jen Lancaster decided to stage another Jennsylvania production of Eclipse.
Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Take Your Pants Off.

In the literary side of my life, I am reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have stalled reading this book for a long time. I have looked at it numerous times since it came out and each time passed on reading it. There is so much hype around the book that I kept telling myself that it wasn't the right time to read it, that this book has a large reputation attached to it and I needed to be able to give it the attention that it deserved. I finally settled down with it and started to read it. I am now getting to a point in the book, towards the end of the "Eat" portion that it is starting to "speak" to me. She brings up thoughts in her head that resonate with thoughts that I have had. But I have to say that overall so far, the hype has done more damage than good. I went in reading this, expecting more than it offers. I said something about it and my friend, Nicole, replied that there was more hype than needed. It is a good and interesting, read, however, and I am finishing it and enjoying it. Not sure what book is up next....


Lesli said...

I read Eat Pray Love I believe it was during Christmas break of 2007? I think that's right! It seems like the kind of book you have to be spiritually ready for & of course, I bought in to all the hype surrounding it such as on Oprah, etc.
But I actually did enjoy the book. I want to read her new book about marriage.
For your next book, don't forget I highly recommend The Girls from Ames.

Michelle said...

I do like "Eat, Pray, Love". It just feels the hype was more than necessary? It is getting to the point I find my head nodding along now.

yes! I am reading "The Girl from Ames" next. I had forgotten about that. :)

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