Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mindless coasting

I am in need of an ass-kicking, jaw-jarring jolt! I am lacking something in my life. That little spark. I am feeling that I am just coasting along, not working towards or for anything but going from point A to point B.

I tend to do this from time to time. I usually spend too much time in my head and start to over-think and over-analyze things. This usually results in a bitter funk residing over and around me. I’m not at that point, but I am very restless. My feet are tapping to the gypsy beat, I want to be out roaming around. But alas, job duties and tight money situation prevent that from happening. I dream of New York a lot lately. Maybe it is because I watch “Friends” at night on Nick-At-Nite as I go to sleep. Maybe what the morning DJ was saying is true – everyone deserves the chance to live in New York City for a year. (Give me the money to support myself for that year and I would gladly be there in NYC.)

I need something to stimulate my brain. My job is not providing that to me. I find myself daydreaming a lot of the time between the hours of 7:00Am to 3:45PM. I also find myself obsessing over what is going on with this position that I applied for and that usually leaves me feeling drained and lost. (Five interviews, people, and still no decision? Really? Really!?!?)

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