Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview woes, part one

Interview #5. *sighs* Today they wanted to talk to me about my employee expense experience. I have clearly put this experience on my resume. I’m frustrated as I really want this position, I have been told they want to hire me and yet it is either radio silence or more interviews and questions.

I have been actively searching for a job over the last few weeks. I’m not a fan of interviews. I tend to stress myself over them a lot because I question whether or not I am selling myself correctly or overselling myself and coming off arrogant. The thing is I *know* I’m a good employee and I *know* that I am an asset to a company. I have not worked at a job yet where I have not taken on numerous other duties outside of my normal because I can and do handle it. But how do you humbly state that?

I have interviewed and signed up with a few staffing services/head hunters over the last two weeks. One of them said that they had a customer who was really interested in me. It was paying $3.00 more per hour than I currently make and sounded like a busy environment.

(Here is another thing about me…I need to be kept busy at all times in the office.)

An interview was arranged. It was a four hour working interview. I would need to go in and see how I would work out with their office staff. Great! I’m all for it. Until I find out the job pays .50 more than I make now. I was still going to give it the benefit of the doubt and see if I could negotiate a higher pay rate after meeting with them and seeing if I was even interested. Then the dude at the staffing agency entered obnoxious territory. He kept calling me to remind me of the interview and to make sure I was going. Yes, I know that there is a four hour interview scheduled. Yes, I have made arrangements to leave work early. STOP calling me!
I seriously had to just stop answering the phone when I saw it was the agency number because he was seriously irritating me.

I get to the interview and guess what? It isn't even full time. Thirty hours a week, possibly pushing it to 35, but never a full 40. I was bored for the four hours I was there. I did filing, the phone only rang twice, and I worked on a spreadsheet. Then the owner tells me they are still not sure they are hiring someone. They have someone in this position already, she just had a baby and only wants to work three days a week. So they are going to give her a try on three day work weeks and see how that goes. So I just wasted four hours of my day.

I called the agency when I left. The obnoxious guy that I have been dealing with was not available so I had to talk to his supervisor. He was not exactly thrilled to hear that I didn't think this was a job for me. Told me he would see what he could do to get a full week and more money, but not surprisingly I have not heard back from him or the other obnoxious one. No big loss!

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