Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Every day I'm shuffling

I hate earworms. Especially when it is something like “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO and I can’t stop singing the song or bopping my head to the music only I heard internally. And now those blasted KIA hamsters have done a commercial with that song.

Last night on the news, they said that AZ is in a state of poverty and has one of the highest unemployment/lack of new jobs rates in the US. Ain’t that the truth! I am still on the job hunt. I have not been dismissed from the position I applied for here, but they have not said a word in 2 weeks. I am not a patient person so I just went crazy applying all over the place. I really do think that Arizona and I need to part ways. It is hard, however, as I do *like* living here. I just can’t keep surviving on piddly pay.

Did anyone else watch the season 4 finale of “True Blood” and have a total “WTF” face going on at the end? I can’t wait for season 5 and that isn’t until next June!! And I hope that poor Lafayette doesn’t have such tragic hair next season! It was bad this season!!

(If you haven’t figured out yet, the subject of this blog is fitting since my mind is all over the place, shuffling. I blame it on horrendous boredom at work. And the worst part of how bored I am is I am a bored eater.)

I think I need to go on vacation! My bank account is not agreeing with me at all, but vacation is calling me loudly. Mainly due to the gorgeous pictures that Marika has been posting, I have a big desire to check out New Orleans. She posted a very cool picture of a pink and purple house and all I thought was I would love to go sit on the steps of that house and just enjoy a day.

Isn't that house perfect? (Photo is used courtesy of Marika.) It is so me and I would be happy to just hang out there.

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