Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hump Day Thoughts

Isn't this cute? It is on it's way to me and I am so excited!!

For those keeping track of my interview/potential job status – I had a follow up interview on Monday with the big manager in the department. Everyone that knows I have interviewed has been very positive and feel it is a definite go. Until I have the actual job offer, I have to just keep a positive thought on it and keep telling myself the job is mine.

Because someone reminded me of it earlier, I thought maybe I would enjoy reminding you as well – 115 shopping days until Christmas!!! Of course it is 115 degrees outside here in Arizona so the thought of Christmas is a welcome one because of the cooler weather. I went to Hobby Lobby last Saturday just to see the Christmas decorations and try to get in the mood a bit early. Didn’t happen. The second I walked back out the door and got smacked in the face by the heat, I was back to cursing the day.

My first books that I am offering up for my Read It Forward are the two delightful novels by Nancy Volkers, Scottish Ferry Tale and Scotland by Starlight. (Click the titles for my reviews of them both.) I am sending them together because you are going to want to read the sequel as soon as you finish the first one. As I mentioned before, all I am asking is you post a review on your blog, Amazon, Good Reads, etc and that if you pass the book on you ask the same thing. First person to comment that they want these two books, gets them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I went to mandeville - it was my first trip to a Hobby Lobby ... thats like heaven!

I am working on making all my gifts ... we'll see how that goes!

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