Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cinematic Pet Peeve, Take One

I am a big movie fan, that is no secret. I usually see at least one movie a week and am also pretty anal about my movie experience. I am picky about the theater and seats, I want quiet during the movie (IE do not try to carry on a conversation with me), and I can't stand when people bring kids to a movie that is not geared towards children. Today I went to my favorite movie theater with plans to see "Straw Dogs". I walked in the theater about 20 minutes before it was starting and there were quite a few people there already. All but five of them were children. And I mean young children. I had to go back out and change the movie to "Drive". I completely understand that sometimes you need to bring children with you to the movies, but seriously what about "Straw Dogs" was yelling "kid friendly" to to you? There is a lot of violence, including rape. Do you really think your five year old needs to watch that? I am at a serious loss where some people get their common sense from.


Anonymous said...

no matter how hard I try, I will always lean over to the person I am with and express my opinion. I'm a talker ... and even I'm too young for rape movies.

Michelle said...

Haha!! I will take note - if ever at the movies with Marika, put a seat between us. ;) Kidding, just kidding.

I know it is fake and that the movie would disturb me. I can't imagine how the parent rationalizes it as "I told her it was fake."

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