Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Dinner Fail

So let’s hear them. We all have our epic holiday dinner fail stories.

Mine is amusing, but at the same scarred me and I have never attempted to cook a turkey again.

I was living in WA at the time with a friend. And how the mishaps of the day happened I am still unsure. The turkey was in the oven, cooking nicely. The potatoes were on the stove, cooking nicely. We were watching TV peacefully. Suddenly there is this pop and we look towards the kitchen but nothing is seen. Go back to watching TV when all the sudden smoke starts pouring out of the oven doors, smoke alarm going off. How it happened I have never figured out. The turkey…stupid bird…had exploded in the oven. Seriously, it literally exploded in the oven.

In our rush to get the turkey out of the oven as there are pieces burning in the oven, we fail to notice that the potatoes are boiling over. And then it happened – the lid blew off the potatoes shooting potatoes out of the pot.

We had to clean the whole kitchen, salvage what we could (scorched mashed potatoes, oh yummy), and do nothing but laugh because at that point what else can you do? Cry? There’s no crying in holiday cooking! However, I have seriously never cooked or attempted to cook a turkey again. I fear the bird exploding.

Come on, confess your story!

(Another confession...I use cartoony/cutesy turkeys because the real life bird gives me the creeps. Actually a lot of birds give me the creeps -- owls are up there with turkeys!)

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