Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Usually by the time Thanksgiving week has started, I have an outline of a Thanksgiving message to send out. Usually there are a couple different ones put together for different outlets of mine (email, blog, Facebook, etc). This year, however, I have found myself short on time and thought.

Time…it is constantly moving and seems to go faster and faster each year. And as time slips away, we forget the simple things that we have to be thankful for – The family and friends that are with us every day, whether physically or in our hearts. The good fortune we have, because whether we fully realize it or not, we always have love. God has blessed us and it is sometimes hard to remember that as we rush through our days.

I kept thinking “Wow, I not only have no time to write something for Thanksgiving, but I feel my mind is short on profound thought to share.” But then realization hit me – I don’t have to share anything profound or wise, I just have to say it straight from the heart.

Take the time out of your day and let those that bless your life know exactly that. Tell people that you love them and are thankful for them. I am extremely grateful for each of you and for the fact that I have you in my life. I hope that your Thanksgiving is extremely blessed and that you are filled with love and peace.


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